A beautiful pool is only finished if there is a quality finish to your own taste. Hence, a slatted cover is the best choice, both visually and technically. The profile of the Overdrive slat is designed specifically for use as pool cover, for more than 20 years of proven quality. The entire shape of the slat is designed to perform and isolate optimally. This applies to both the topside (water drainage to reduce lime deposits) as well as the underside (buoyancy and cooling). The end cap is glued into the profile so that the slats are and stay waterproof and not shift mutually.

Polycarbonate and PVC

Overdrive slats are available in polycarbonate and PVC. But what exactly are the differences between polycarbonate and PVC? If the properties of polycarbonate are compared to PVC is readily apparent that the material is much more resistant to high temperatures and UV radiation. Polycarbonate is translucent so the rooms in the solar slats heat up quickly and well, which is also a direct requirement for a solar slat. Polycarbonate, a thermoplastic polymer, as material certainly no stranger to other industries where impact resistance is a first requirement (eg. Automotive and aircraft industry). Consider for an extremely good resistance to hail. In conclusion, a polycarbonate slat is chemically highly resistant, transparent, durable and impact resistant.


A slat offers, if deployed, through it’s strength and buoyancy, extra protection to the pool. By providing the swimming pool with a supporting edge or hand rails the slat can, if it is forced under the water, be additionally supported..
The wider the profile, the better the buoyancy. Even though a slatted cover is present on the swimming pool, the responsibility for security in and around the pool is always for the pool owner himself.

Solar slats

Covering the surface makes the evaporation loss nil, which is essential for both an outdoor and indoor pool (for dehumidification).
Regardless of the material, polycarbonate or PVC, it’s true for solar slats that these can heat the swimming pool particularly good and effective. Because the solar slat is transparent on the upper side, it creates a greenhouse effect in the slat and the black bottom layer becomes very hot. This heat is removed efficiently and delivered to the underlying pool water.

Solar and transparent slats should, if they do not float on the water, be protected from solar radiation. Overheating should also be avoided by turning on the pool pump in time and regularly. With solar and transparent slats, condensation can form in the profile.


  • Unique strength, durability and design
  • 3 waterproof / closed rooms
  • Less limescale by rapid water drainage
  • Very high UV resistance in polycarbonate slat
  • Smart end caps
  • Short installation time
  • Exclusively produced under private label by T & A in Belgium
  • PVC Warranty: 3 years, PC: 5 years
  • Life Expectancy: PVC uni color: 10-15 years. PVC solar / transparent: 8-10 years. PC: 12-15 years.
  • Configure each cover via the online ordering system. Make your own quotes and orders 24/7


  • Slat width: 60 mm (PC Anti-Algae and Anti Algae Alu look: 67,5mm), blade thickness: 14mm
  • Insulation ƛ = 0.07 W / mK (R = 0.22m2K / W)
  • The PVC slat has by the composition of the PVC granules (300 g / m & sup2;) a wall thickness which is nominally above the 1mm. That makes the Overdrive slat stronger and more durable in comparison with other brands slats.
  • The polycarbonate slat has a nominal wall thickness of 0.9 mm which is amply sufficient, since both tensile strength and impact strength (3x as high as PVC) of polycarbonate is higher than that of PVC.
  • The polycarbonate slat is produced by tri-extrusion so that the UV stabilizers are applied as a top layer to the profile, where it also provides the appropriate protection. In addition, this ensures that the structure of the profile is not weakened, which is the case by co-extrusion.
  • The end caps of the Overdrive slats are provided with an opening which provides two major benefits:
    – the slats can be assembled / disassembled by sliding them together or to click.
    – when cleaning the slat the dirt can be flushed on the sides out of the open chamber. With closed end caps dirt remains in the open chamber of the slat.
  • The top of the Overdrive slat is slightly curved so that water is removed faster and less limescale can be formed (certainly a great advantage in indoor pools).
  • Overdrive slats are produced in private label, this provides guaranteed quality and full control over the raw materials used.
  • Slats are always supplied with 2500 mm ribbons and spoiler brackets.
  • Each cover comes in a very high quality packaging in which always nine slats are snapped together. This promotes a short installation time.

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